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About Envirowrapper

Shrink wrap is difficult to recycle because of the mixed materials used in its construction, it is an inconvenient and unreliable pallet wrapping "solution".

Shrink wrap gets jammed in equipment, makes pallets cling to other pallets causing rips, pulling, and tipping.

Envirowrapper, by Amici Enterprises, solves all these problems, it is the original re-usable pallet wrapper, which can be used for upwards of 5 years under proper care and usage! Minimize waste by recycling the 100% polypropylene Envirowrapper when it's at the end of its life.

Envirowrapper is practical! It never clings to other pallets, saving the time and frustration experienced with side-swiping. Its patented Amici Strap and J-Hook Buckle system are tough, standing up to forklifts, run overs, and more. The Envirowrapper is tough, saves money, easy to use again and again, and is recyclable.

About Envirowrapper