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Amici Buckle (Replacement)

Price: C$3.50

  • Includes strap lock and j-hook
  • Is a patented two-part system, a Strap Lock buckle for tightening, holding and releasing a strap and a Jay Hook buckle for quick application and release from the Strap Lock buckle.
  • Combined with two inch straps, can be tightened to produce a tremendous amount of tension around a palletized load or any type of product.
  • Is designed to easily snap together or apart.
  • Is lightweight, extremely durable and affordable.
  • Will not loosen off once it is tightened.
  • Is made of super tough plastic nylon.
  • Is used to make Amici Load, Storage or Beer Keg straps.
  • Is recyclable.
  • Is currently available only in a two inch size.

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