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Envirowrapper Products

60" x 156" Thinsulate Insulated Envirowrapper

Price: C$315.00

  • 60" x 156" designed to work on pallets 40" x 40" up to 44" x 48"
  • Reduce the need for expensive multi – temp trailers, freezer boxes and bulk heads.
  • Cap and wrapper(s) system provides maximum flexibility to cover any size pallet load regardless of how tall or small, cubed or odd shaped.
  • Do not have to be left with the customer to be unloaded, they can be returned with the driver reducing the number of units required.
  • Provide flexibility to ship frozen, chilled or dry goods together.
  • Reduce damage and storage requirements.
  • Are designed to be applied above the ground allowing pallet loads to be easily moved by pallet jacks or forklifts.
  • Are very efficient, economical and are custom made to protect product from heat or cold.
  • Are manufactured using state of the art insulation.
  • Use lightweight coated polypropylene for easier cleaning.
  • Eliminate the need for stretch wrap.
  • Are lightweight and designed to be applied and removed by one person.
  • Are easily rolled up and stored.

Insulated Envirowrappers and Enviro Covers provide economical, lightweight, heavy – duty performance with maximum flexibility.

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