Product Overview

Currently one of the most popular methods of transporting products is by putting them on pallets and then applying plastic stretch wrap to the load to reduce shifting or toppling. This is a low cost way of shipping products, however the low costs add up over the years as this plastic can only be used once and must be repurchased on an ongoing basis. Once the customer receives their order the plastic is usually discarded as options for recycling plastic stretch or shrink wrap are limited.

The patented Envirowrapper is made of light yet extremely durable polypropylene material, straps and new patented AMICI super tough plastic buckles. When properly applied, the Envirowrapper produces a tremendous amount of tension that helps to protect and stabilize a palletized load – reducing the possibility of damages.


  • Reduce stretch wrap costs, damage claims, waste disposal expenses, plastic stretch wrap and other shipping wastes.
  • Last approximately three to five years.
  • Are fast and easy to apply and remove by one person.
  • Are reusable, repairable, recyclable and washable.
  • Won't cling to stretch wrap or each other.
  • Provide staff with a consistent method of securing a load.

The first company to purchase Envirowrappers:

  • Paid for their wrappers in less than a year.
  • Have been using them for over four years.
  • Have eliminated the purchase, waste and energy to produce and discard over 24,000
    (18" x 2,000') rolls of stretch wrap.
  • Have reduced their customers' waste disposal charges.

Reduce, Re-use, Re-wrap

1 Envirowrapper when used 3 / 7 times per week:

  • Replaces 6 / 14 rolls per year
  • 1 pallet of stretch wrap = 300 – 1 kg rolls

A major user of the Envirowrapper saved having to purchase 300 pallets (24,428 rolls) of stretch wrap in 2008 – saving 24,248 KG (53,457 lbs) from going to landfill and continue to save on an annual basis.

Images of Units Available

50" Unit

The 72" with extra j-hooks allowing for flexibility in load sizes.


  • Pricing is quoted on an individual basis depending on customers requirements, options and quantities.
  • Standard sizes available:
    • 50 inch, 60 inch & 72 inch designed to work on pallets 40" x 40" up to 44" x 48"
    • custom sizes available on request


  • All Envirowrappers are made to order with delivery within 2 to 6 weeks from the Calgary plant or 12 to 16 weeks from Vietnam, depending on specific options ordered.
  • Manufacturing plants in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and in Vietnam.
  • Manufacturer adheres to ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Assurance Program

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