Amici Enterprises Inc.

Amici is committed to business excellence through leadership, innovation, value and customer service.

Amici, which means good friends in Italian, was incorporated in 1990 and began working on a reusable pallet wrapper. After years of exhaustive testing, the patented Award Winning Envirowrapper - The Re - Usable Pallet Wrapper is ready to help you Reduce Costs, Damages and Waste!

With a proven track record, a three to five year life expectancy, payback within industry standards and satisfied repeat customers - The Envirowrapper - The Re-Usable Pallet Wrapper is providing solutions for many of industry's concerns.

Amici is striving to find new economical, environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic stretch wrap, packaging products and other shipping containers.


Overwaitea opens new Distribution Centre in Edmonton

Overwaitea will be implementing the Envirowrapper into their shipping process...

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The Win-Win Wrap

Canadian Packaging: Sometimes there is no substitute for simplicity...

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The Re-usable Pallet Wrapper

Food In Canada: The Envirowrapper is made of lightweight but durable polypropylene or polyethylene that can be used to wrap pallets for three to five years.

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Wrap it Up

Pallet Enterprise: Reusable Pallet Load Straps, Wraps Find Acceptance in Closed Loops

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